Gill Flury

Hello! I'm Gill Flury and I design and make beautiful and functional storage and accessories for 'The Industrious Maker' – the people who are passionate about knitting, sewing, crochet, quilting, embroidery, making and creating.

Originally I was inspired by my grandma's sewing box full of vintage cotton reels, button cards, tins of pins and fastenings. I loved the old packaging designs and  started to collect and photograph them, playing around with them in photoshop, cutting and pasting old images and worn away fonts to create new designs with a vintage feel.


I started to frame my designs in wooden embroidery hoops and had the idea that they would make great lids for storage or stuffed for pin cushions. My designs are now digitally printed onto natural organic cotton and include embroidery hoop lidded storage jars, ribbon and string dispensers, pin cushions, sewing kits, yarn dispensers, prints and bags.

I continue to utilise and re-purpose materials in playful, innovative ways, developing new ideas for useful and unique storage for makers. My aim is to create modern designs which nod to the exquisite haberdashery packaging of the past and organise and display beautifully the tools and materials of the busy maker.

Originally from Lancashire, I now live in Somerset, UK.